William Watt is a professional photographer and DP based in Melbourne, Australia.
He holds over 15 years experience in producing authentic photography to a host of local and international clients.

Based for extended periods of time in the UK, Europe, North and South America and Asia, he draws on a wealth of international experience and a lifelong passion for photojournalism in producing considered photographic projects. With expertise in architectural, interior, lifestyle and food photography, his lens effortlessly captures the essence of the moment and a time and place. William is also a CASA certified RPA (drone) controller and operator, which has allowed him to bring his creative eye to the skies.

His work has been featured in Houses Magazine, ArtichokeVenue Magazine, Arch Daily, Architecture AU, all major national newspapers and by The City of Melbourne internationally.

His has also built an impressive ode to his hometown through Melbourne Street, a popular photographic exploration of the city he calls home, exhibited online and in galleries around Melbourne. In 2016 William founded Caddie Magazine, a worthy alternative to existing golf publications that combines his passion for the game with photography, design and storytelling.

For further inquiries and rates, get in touch with William here.